At Peace Camp we develop our own curriculum and activities, as well as learning from the curriculum others have done.
Here are some examples of activities we have at Camp.

Building A Village

We separate the entire camp into groups of 4-6 campers, with one staff member per group. Then the activity leader gives old newspapers that we have collected along with a few rolls of masking tape. Each group has to use only those supplies in building a hut that will provide shelter (albeit temporary) for their group. The purpose of the activity is not competition, but cooperation as once a group completes their hut, they spread into the other groups who are struggling to help them build a strong, sturdy shelter; thus, together we build a village!

Circle of Friends

At the beginning and end of each day at Peace Camp, and each Peace Camp event, all staff, campers, family members and guests join hands to form a large circle around a sculpture of the same image, with a candle in the middle. The candle is lit each morning of camp, as the Circle of Friends represents the bonds of friendship we share, and the love and support that each of us possesses for one another.

Peace Cranes

Sadako Sasaki was only 2 years old when the atom bomb was dropped over her hometown of Hiroshima, Japan. Stricken with Leukemia caused by the radiation, Sadako’s health began to deteriorate in her early teens. Having heard of the legend that if you fold 1000 Origami Peace Cranes, then a deep wish of yours will come true, this brave girl set out to accomplish this feat in wishing for World Peace. She passed away before she was able to reach 1000 cranes, but her classmates continued her work and buried the 1000 Peace Cranes with her. At Peace Camp, we honor her spirit and compassion by teaching campers and staff how to create their own Peace Cranes, so that they too can make their peaceful wishes come true.