Our Story

“Children’s Peace Camp” was founded in 1993 by Susan Hopkins, Chris Lamm, Betsy Gibbs, and Tom Chiaromonte under the Women’s League for Peace and Freedom and OCAEYC. Originally at Fullerton Arboretum, Peace Camp taught children up until age 6. Those kids grew up and wanted to keep coming to camp, so they dropped the “Children’s” and increased the age range of camp. Now operating at Irvine Regional Park, Peace Camp allows campers ages 5-17 and volunteers 18 and older. With a history of social justice guest speakers, peace education curriculum, and lots of fun outdoors Peace Camp has continued to teach children, adults, and the community about peace.

The theme for 2015 is “Celebrate Social Diversity.”

Past Themes

2015: “Celebrate Social Diversity” Photos
2014: “Tales of Peace: Inspiring Change in Your World” Photos
2013: “Generations of Peace: Rising to make a Difference” Photos
2012: “Spreading the Roots of Peaceful Change” Photos
2011:”Communicate Peace: Through Listening, Vision and Action” Photos
2010:”Be an Activist! Taking Charge in Making Peace Happen!” Photos
2009:”Finding My Passion to Make a Peaceful World!”
2008:”One Voice, One World: Being a part of a Global Community!” Photos
2007:”Seeds of Peace: Growing Awareness” Photos
2006:”Choose Peace: Tomorrow’s Leaders Begin with Us”
2005:”Back to Our Roots”
2004:”Power of One”
2003:”Colors of Peace”
2002:”A Circle of Friends”
2001:”A Culture of Peace: Building Our Voice and Vision for All Children”
2000:”A Culture of Peace”
1999:”I Can Make A Difference: Making Our Voices Heard”
1998:”Living Your Dream”
1997:”Making Our Voices Heard”
1996:”I Can Make a Difference”
1993-1995:”Children’s Peace Camp”